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Everything is just beginning with the capsule. These are seeming little things that can make your day-by-day easier. Make the most of them!

  • Mindflow earplugs

    Silence even in a busy environment

    • list svg Great fit
    • list svg Reduce ambient noise
    • list svg In a practical case
  • Mindflow Sleep Mist

    Preparation for sleep in a spray

    • list svg Calms and improves your mood
    • list svg Reduces anxiety and stress
    • list svg Prepares for sleep
  • Mindflow planner

    Record all your tasks

    • list svg Top priority of the day
    • list svg Checklist
    • list svg Room for notes
  • Mindflow Sleep Mask

    Complete darkness during the night

    • list svg Eliminates light
    • list svg Comfortable material
    • list svg Fits well and doesn't pinch
  • New
    Mindflow pen

    It writes down all your brilliant ideas

    • list svg Writes great
    • list svg Touch screen
    • list svg Nice non-slip material
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