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Mindflow Sleep Melatonin free
Mindflow Sleep Melatonin free
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Mindflow Sleep Melatonin free


Would you give anything for a good night's sleep? Three Mindflow Sleep capsules are all you need. With them, there's no need to count sheep while falling asleep, sleep is restful, and in the morning you're refreshed and ready for a productive day full of energy. The melatonin-free version is suitable for stable long-term enhancement of healthy sleep without side effects.

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Satisfaction guarantee

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Free shipping over €60

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Czech product

Czech product

Made in the Czech Republic with respect to the environment.

No unnecessary additives svg

No unnecessary additives

Maximum efficacy svg

Maximum efficacy

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About the product


Natural enhancement of healthy sleep

Let the best of science and nature support your sleep. 15 carefully selected active substances packed into three capsules will allow you to experience a restful night without the tediousness of falling asleep and frequent night wakings. Proper sleep has an impact on stress reduction, emotional stability, better concentration and increased productivity. Vegan, no side effects or unnecessary additives.


We trust science and nature


Promotes melatonin production

Melatonin plays an important role in sleep cycles. Mindflow Sleep contains substances from which it is derivedand which contribute to its natural production. [1][2]


Fall asleep faster

Sleep will calm you down and prepare you for a natural sleep. [3] It has mild sedative effects and will allow you to fall asleep faster. [4]


Better quality sleep and fewer sleepless moments

Minerals and vitamins in the capsules help with the quality of sleep [5] [6] and with the concentration of GABA in the brain, which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. [7] [8] At the same time, you'll wake up less in the middle of the night. [9]


Carefully selected natural ingredients for a better sleep

Magnesium glycinate threonate

350 mg

A sufficient amount of magnesium helps with sleep quality and reduces sleepless moments during the night.

Zinc glycinate

40 mg

Zinc in the bioavailable form of bisglycinate contributes to better quality sleep and reduces waking up during the night.


100 mg

The active ingredients in licorice shorten the time it takes to fall asleep.

Vitamin B1

0,5 mg

Thiamine contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Its deficiency can lead to insomnia.

Vitamin B2

0,7 mg

Riboflavin is important in energy metabolism and contributes to better sleep quality.

Vitamin B3

8 mg

It prolongs the REM phase of sleep and shortens the ”awake” phase during the night.

Vitamin B5

3 mg

Pantothenic acid contributes to the normal synthesis of hormones and some neurotransmitters, and its deficiency can result in insomnia.

Vitamin B6

0,7 mg

It is involved in the production of melatonin and some neurotransmitters.


300 mg

A direct precursor of melatonin. Its supplementation naturally increases serotonin and melatonin levels.

Chamomile extract

150 mg

It promotes the effect of GABA in the brain, and induces a feeling of drowsiness. It speeds up falling asleep and improves the quality of sleep.


100 mg

The substances contained in the extract have mild sedative effects, shorten the time of falling asleep, and improve the overall quality of sleep.

Purple passionflower

250 mg

It increases the concentration of GABA in the brain and thus improves the quality of sleep.

Lemon balm

300 mg

According to research, the extract helps with insomnia and reduces the number of wakings during the night.


300 mg

It reduces the breakdown of GABA in the brain and naturally increases its concentration, thus improving sleep quality.


200 mg

One of the active ingredients in tea. Calms and helps with more restful sleep.

Vegan capsule

120 mg

We wrap everything in fully vegan cellulose capsules.


How to use the product?

When to use it? svg

When to use it?

30 minutes before bedtime

How many capsules? svg

How many capsules?

3 capsules

Wash down with water svg

Wash down with water

Wash down with a glass of water for proper dissolving and absorption.

Further information svg

Further information

Sleep Melatonin Free is suitable for long-term sleep enhancement. If you are experiencing jetlag or need to get your biorhythm back into balance, try the melatonin version.

Bundles with the product

Your questions


Mindflow Sleep Melatonin Free is a non-prescription and completely natural dietary supplement.

If you're dealing with jetlag issues, work shifts, or general biorhythm imbalances, the melatonin option is better. If you want to use the product for a long time to improve sleep quality, the variant without melatonin is better.

Yes, Mindflow Sleep Melatonin Free is a completely non-addictive natural dietary supplement with no side effects.

No, Mindflow Sleep is a completely non-addictive natural dietary supplement. It has no side effects.

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